Suggest a Contest

Have you found a great contest you want to share with your friends?  You can let them know about the contest by suggesting it to them in YoWinner.  To suggest a contest you first click the “Suggest Contest” link on the contest page.

A new area will open up and you can either enter a friends email address (if they’re not a member of YoWinner) or start typing their name and it will automatically complete their name for you.


How To Add A Friend

YoWinner is much more fun when you have some friends to share contests with.  It’s very easy to add someone as a friend.  You’ll see people’s names in various places on the site.  Just click on their name and it will take you to their My YoWinner page.

If you want to become their friend, you can place a request from here!


What’s Going On At YoWinner?

You may have noticed some things have changed on YoWinner….

We’ve been listening to your suggestions over the past year, and have tried to make the site easier and more fun to use.  The first thing you might be wondering is where your points have gone?  You still have them, we’ve just moved them from the top right hand corner of the site to your new My YoWinner page.  We’ve replaced the points with your status, which you can change whenever you like, just by hovering over them.

The biggest change to the site is the new My YoWinner page.  Now all your favorite contests are easier to find, allow with how often you can enter them.  You always can see your friends and the latest chatter in your Chatterbox.

A new page has been created for you and your friends to talk.  It’s called the Chatterbox.

We’ve enabled notifications to let you know what your friends are doing on YoWinner.  You can decide what notifications you want to receive, and they will be sent to you by email.

There are lots of smaller changes that we hope makes it easier to use the site.  We’d love to hear what you think of the new YoWinner!


What Is The Chatterbox?

You might be wondering what your Chatterbox is?  It’s an easy way to chat with your YoWinner friends.  Everyone has their own Chatterbox and it contain whatever friends have said to you.  Once they leave a comment, your can hit reply and say something in their Chatterbox.


How To Change Your Picture

Once you’re logged in, you can personalize the picture you and your friends will see in YoWinner.  It can be a photo of yourself or anything you like.

There are a number of ways to edit your photo.  The first is selecting the Manage Profile item in your personal menu.

The second is selecting Change Picture from under your photo on your My YoWinner page.

The third is selecting Change Picture from under your photo on your Chatterbox page.

From there, select Change Picture from under your photo on your Manage Profile page.

A new window will pop up, and after selecting Choose File you can browse to whatever photo you like.

After your photo is selected, a preview will appear.  You can either select Save or use you mouse to highlight the area of the photo you want to keep.

Select Crop and your photo will be saved!


How To Change Your Status

When you’re logged into YoWinner if you take a look up to the right top hand corner of the page, you’ll see a status below your name.  You can change it as often as you like.  Changing it is very simple.

First of all, hover your mouse over the text area and the background will change.  Click into that area and you can start typing.

Once you’re finished, click Update and you’re done!


How To Manage Your Notifications

Later on this week you may start to receive some notifications from YoWinner.  They will be sent to let you know if there is any activity happening on YoWinner that relates to you.  If someone requests you as a friend, recommends a contest, or sends you a message you’ll receive an email to let you know.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this new feature but if you’d like to change what notifications you receive, or turn them off entirely we’ve made it very easy.

The first way to change them is to log into YoWinner, and select the “Manage Profile” item from your main menu

Once on the Manage Profile page, you can expand the “Notification Preferences” section by clicking on the title.  From there, you can turn off your notifications by unchecking the specific notifications and finally clicking the “Update Profile” button.

The second way to change your preferences is directly from your email.  At the bottom of every notification email is a link that will take you directly to your Manage Profile page where you can change your settings.

Hope you enjoy the new feature!


How to Change Your Information

You must be logged in to change your personal information.  You can change your information by selecting the “Manage Profile” item in your main menu.

Change Your Information

Change Your Information

Once on the manage profile screen, you can select the type of information you want to change by selecting the category.

Change Your Information

Change Your Information

Make any changes you would like and click the “Update Profile” button.

Change Your Information

Change Your Information


Your Favorite Contests

Are there a number of contests you want to keep entering?  If you set them up as a favorite contest you won’t have to worry about remembering what they are.  Everytime you come back to YoWinner they’ll be waiting for you.  All you have to do is go to the contest page, and click the “Add as Favorite” button.  You must be logged in to YoWinner to add a contest as a favorite.  It’s that easy.

How to add your favorite contest

How to add your favorite contest

Viewing your favorite contests is just as easy.  Once you’re logged in select “My Contests” from your personal menu and you’ll be taken to a page showing only your contests.

How to view your favorite contests

How to view your favorite contests


YoWinner Contest Reminder

The YoWinner Contest Reminder is a new feature of YoWinner that allows a list of your favorite contests to be delivered into your inbox everyday.  You can add as many contests as you like to this reminder, and you will be sent an email whenever you are eligible to enter the contest again.

You have the option of receiving this email daily, weekly or monthly.  It can also include YoWinner Certified contests.

So how do you turn on the YoWinner Contest Reminder?

You must be a member of the YoWinner community.  Once you have logged in, select the “Manage Profile” option in the main menu.

YoWinner Contest Reminder

YoWinner Contest Reminder

You will be directed to your profile page, where you can change all your personal information.  From here, select the “Contest Reminder” category.

YoWinner Contest Reminder

YoWinner Contest Reminder

You can turn on reminder, add YoWinner Certified contests, and change the frequency of the contest reminders from here.  Once you’ve made your changes, select the “Update Profile” button.  You changes will be updated immediately.

YoWinner Contest Reminder

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